Wiebe Hordijk

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Parameter control is still one of the main challenges in evolutionary computation. This paper is concerned with controlling selection operators on-the-fly. We perform an experimental comparison of such methods on three groups of test functions and conclude that varying selection pressure during a GA run often yields performance benefits, and therefore is a(More)
Duplication of code has long been thought to decrease changeability of systems, but recently doubts have been expressed whether this is true in general. This is a problem for researchers because it makes the value of research aimed against clones uncertain, and for practitioners as they cannot be sure whether their effort in reducing duplication is(More)
We want to explore and analyse design decisions that influence maintainability of software. Software maintainability is important because the effort expended on changes and fixes in software is a major cost driver. We take an empirical, qualitative approach, by investigating cases where a change has cost more or less than comparable changes, and analysing(More)
Overt proteinuria was detected in the urine of a potential kidney donor, ultimately leading to the refusal of the kidneys for transplantation purposes. Histological examination of the kidneys did not reveal any abnormalities. Searching for substances that could have interfered with the urinary total protein assay, the role of infused, modified gelatin(More)
Design of enterprise information systems is a problem-solving activity. A system architect, designer and programmer make numerous decisions about the structure and behaviour of the system on various levels. These decisions define the quality of the system under design (SuD) in all its aspects. An example of an application-level decision is whether to(More)