Wie Ming Lim

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The extraction of functional dependencies is a fundamental activity in the database design recovery process which is part of on an overall information systems reverse engineering effort. Existing algorithms for this task are computationally expensive and appear to be infeasible if applied to large legacy database instances, e.g., their performance(More)
Most contemporary fourth-generation languages (4GLs) are tightly coupled with the relational database and other subsystems provided by the vendor. As a result, organisations wishing to change database vendors are typically forced to rewrite their applications using the new vendor’s 4GL. The anticipated cost of this redevelopment can deter an organisation(More)
The benefits of formal methods in software development are well recognised and well documented. Design recovery involves analysing the source code and recovers the desired design elements based on design recovery specification. One way to ensure the correctness of the recovered design is to use formal methods in the process. This paper describes an approach(More)
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