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In this paper, we propose a multiple moving obstacles avoidance using stereo vision for service robots in indoor environments. We assume that this model of service robot is used to deliver a cup to the recognized customer from the starting point to the destination. The contribution of this research is a new method for multiple moving obstacle avoidance with(More)
We present our ongoing work on the development of Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Controller for humanoid servant robot designed for navigation based on vision. In this method, black line on the landmark used as a track for robot’s navigation using webcam as line sensor. We proposed architecture of ANFIS controller for servant robot(More)
—The purpose of doing this research is to design an application for fast drowsiness detection system, so the rate of traffic accidents due to negligence of the driver can be lowered. This research uses several methods such as the method of analysis that includes literature study, design method and testing method. Then we design and test on how accurate the(More)
The objective of this paper is to propose a method for navigating a vision-based service robot using stereo vision and Kalman Filtering. We have develop modules for face recognition system, visual tracking and multiple moving obstacles avoidance using stereo camera. Someone that walks will be identified as moving obstacle and we propose a method to avoid(More)
For specific purpose, vision-based surveillance robot that can be run autonomously and able to acquire images from its dynamic environment is very important, for example, in rescuing disaster victims in Indonesia. In this paper, we propose architecture for intelligent surveillance robot that is able to avoid obstacles using 3 ultrasonic distance sensors(More)
Computer system has been able to recognize writing as human brain does. The method mostly used for character recognition is the backpropagation network. Backpropagation network has been known for its accuracy because it allows itself to learn and improving itself thus it can achieve higher accuracy. On the other hand, backpropagation was less to be used(More)
— Indonesia has a lot of SMEs as well as significant employment. However, it is estimated SMEs only producing less than 40 percent of the GDP of Indonesia. This is because SMEs mainly in the fields of agriculture and handicraft industry has a low productivity of the total 53 million SMEs that exist, one of the only place due to lack of mastery of(More)