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Logical and inference approaches in Arabic question answering are in their first steps compared to other languages like English. This paper deals with the automatic Arabic text comprehension of question answering. Our goal is to understand a given text then answer a list of questions related to it. To do that, we have proposed an approach with which we can(More)
With the development of electronic media and the heterogeneity of Arabic data on the Web, the idea of building a clean corpus for certain applications of natural language processing, including machine translation, information retrieval, question answer, become more and more pressing. In this manuscript, we seek to create and develop our own corpus of pair’s(More)
Dans les projets décisionnels, la phase de définition des opérateurs d’extraction, transformation et chargement (ETLExtract-Transform-Load) des données dans l’entrepôt est souvent sous-estimée. Bien que ces tâches représentent (selon les spécialistes du domaine) à peu près les trois quart du projet décisionnel [13], les outils du marché n’offrent pas(More)
This article constitutes an opening to think of the modeling and the analysis of Arabic texts within a question-answering system. It is a question of exceeding the traditional investigations focused on morpho-syntactic approaches. We present a new approach that analyzes a text, transforms it to logical predicates and extracts the accurate answer. In(More)
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