Widad Ismail

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Real time hardware is implemented, by connection the Simulink design to the texas instrument Lyrtech's. A coded-OFDM with RS code is done, simulation simulate wireless Coded OFDM over mobile multipath fading channel, the model use quadrature phase-shift keying modulation (QPSK). R-S coded OFDM gains 10dB improvement at BER level of 10-3 when R-S code(More)
IEEE 802.16d-2004 has been developed for WIMAX wireless communication which is based on OFDM technology and this enables going towards the 4G , in wireless communication reception This paper investigates approach to the adaptation of the WIMAX IEEE802.16d baseband the Physical Layer performance of single-input single-output (SISO) wireless communications(More)
Development of Java based RFID application programmable interface for heterogeneous RFID system. a b s t r a c t Developing RFID based applications is a painstakingly difficult endeavor. The difficulties include non-standard software and hardware peripherals from vendors, interoperability problems between different operating systems as well as lack of(More)
Wireless systems in NGN, will integrate different network etc). This paper focus on providing QoS management, to support end user requirements in mobile environments, one of the most challenging problems here, is the network selection, to choose network from a number of available networks in a heterogeneous system, to serve a connection requested by a(More)