Wichian Chutimaskul

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This study empirically examines Web site quality toward the enhancement of the continued use of e-government Web sites by citizens. The web site quality under examination includes three main aspects, which are information quality, system quality, and service quality. The participants were 614 country-wide e-citizens of Thailand. The data were collected by(More)
The paper proposes a framework for developing local e-government. The framework is based on software engineering discipline and its real practice. The framework suggests four perspectives that need to be considered: stake-holders, business drivers, technology drivers, and methodology. It provides a guideline of what to consider in order to set up local(More)
This paper presents the interview findings of the current situation in software development process management for Executive Information Systems (EIS) in the Thai telecommunications industry and identifies requisite requirements for a successful Knowledge Transfer (KT) framework that consists of two proposed components, which are frameworks themselves: the(More)
Agile software development methods are often applied in volatile software development environments typically perceived as being difficult to tackle by traditional methods. Yet, only a minority of organizations is able to transfer to agile development effectively. This paper proposes a knowledge transfer framework supporting the transition to agile(More)