Wicher T. Visser

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This paper describes modifications of the models of center-surround and dot-pattern selective cells proposed previously by Kruizinga and Petkov. These modifications concern mainly the normalization of the difference of Gaussians (DoG) function used to model center-surround receptive fields, the normalization of center-surround cell responses for average(More)
∗ In Edmundson (1969) four features are used: the title feature, the cue word feature, the location feature and the word frequency feature. The frequency method Edmundson applied used the frequency of relevant words (frequency larger than a certain threshold and not being a common word) and assigned a score to each sentence based on the frequency of the(More)
The ongoing FP7 project “ACXIS Automated Comparison of X-ray Images for cargo Scanning” delivers enhanced inspection procedures for customs. A manufacturer independent reference data base for X-ray images of illegal and legitimate cargo is developed. One of the X-ray image recording work flow is to use 3D-CT data of illegal cargo mockups and to artificially(More)
Customs administrations are responsible for the enforcement of fiscal integrity and security of movements of goods across land and sea borders. In order to verify whether the transported goods match the transport declaration, X-ray imaging of containers is used at many customs site worldwide. The main objective of the research and development project(More)
Customs continue to use a wide range of technology in protecting against terrorism and the movement of illicit trade and prohibited imports. The throughput of scanned vehicles and cargo increases and just keeps on growing. Therefore, the need of automated algorithms to help screening officers in inspection, examination or surveillance of vehicles and(More)
Worldwide trade and efficient global production chains are essential for increasing the wealth of nations and improving the welfare of people. Within the Supply Chain Security, in relation with activities related to Prevention, Preparedness and Response, the detection related activities are seen as an essential supplement to prevention, as well as a(More)
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