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Controlled drug delivery based on cellular components can be achieved by exploiting disease-specific properties, but these require a rapid, sensitive, and selective method of detection in a biomolecular system. We propose a parallel decision-making system for disease detection and classification based on the fact that DNA computing along with biomolecular(More)
  • W Adi
  • 1989
"An optimal control model has been applied in the study of migration among regions [in Indonesia. The author finds that the] population in Indonesia is not well distributed: more than half...live in Java. Since migration can mean reducing or increasing the total population in a region, so a [better] distribution of the population will overcome the(More)
Here, we report the multicomponent assembly and disassembly processes involving DNA strand displacement to construct molecular robots. The framework for development of molecular robots designates the components as parts of the robot. Molecular recognition is used to control the reversible processes of assembly and disassembly of multiple components. The(More)
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