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We present ongoing research in the Resurgence (RESearch sURGe ENabled by CyberinfrastructurE) project. This infrastructure shall enable the flexible combination of computational chemistry tools from a unified interface, with the focus on automated high-throughput processing. The implementation is based on the idea that the time-consuming parts of the(More)
Grid workflows can be seen as special scientific workflows involving high performance and/or high throughput computational tasks. Much work in grid workflows has focused on improving application performance through schedulers that optimize the use of computational resources and bandwidth. As high-end computing resources are becoming more of a commodity that(More)
In science and engineering in general and in computational chemistry in particular, parameter sweeps and optimizations are of high importance. Such parametric modeling jobs are embarrassingly parallel and thus well suited for grid computing. The Nimrod toolkit significantly simplifies the utilization of computational grids for this kind of research by(More)
Computational modeling in the health sciences is still very challenging and much of the success has been despite the difficulties involved in integrating all of the technologies, software, and other tools necessary to answer complex questions. Very large-scale problems are open to questions of spatio-temporal scale, and whether physico-chemical complexity(More)
Theoretical modeling of chemical and biological processes is a key to understand nature and to predict experiments. Unfortunately, this is very data and computation extensive. However, the worldwide computing grid can now provide the necessary resources. Here, we present a coupling of the GAMESS quantum chemical code to the Nimrod/G grid distribution tool,(More)
In addition to multi-national Grid infrastructures, several countries operate their own national Grid infrastructures to support science and industry within national borders. These infrastructures have the benefit of better satisfying the needs of local, regional and national user communities. Although Switzerland has strong research groups in several(More)
—Biology as a scientific domain needs a growing amount of computational power. However, not every researcher has access to high performance computing resources locally. Today, it is easy to buy computing resources on demand from public cloud providers like Amazon and IBM, paying only for the amount of computing that is really being used. However, the(More)