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Argonaute proteins are essential components of the molecular machinery that drives RNA silencing. In Drosophila, different members of the Argonaute family of proteins have been assigned to distinct RNA silencing pathways. While Ago1 is required for microRNA function, Ago2 is a crucial component of the RNA-induced silencing complex in siRNA-triggered RNA(More)
In isotonic and isometric goal-directed index finger movements made as fast as possible, the "braking hypothesis" ascribed to the antagonist burst was tested. Under isotonic conditions, the extensor burst often failed to occur in small angle movements with low inertial load. It regularly occurred, however, in small angle movements with high inertial load(More)
The Drosophila argonaute2 (ago2) gene plays a major role in siRNA mediated RNA silencing pathways. Unlike mammalian Argonaute proteins, the Drosophila protein has an unusual amino-terminal domain made up largely of multiple copies of glutamine-rich repeats (GRRs). We report here that the ago2 locus produces an alternative transcript that encodes a putative(More)
Ten male infants, 3--4 months old, and 10 male infants, 6--7 months old, were habituated to a visual stimulus composed of both specific featural and structural information. After habituation, orienting magnitude (dishabituation) to changes in feature with structure controlled versus changes in structure with feature controlled was used as a means of(More)
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