Wibe A de Jong

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We report the first harmonic vibrational spectra for each of the lowest lying isomers within the four major families of minima of (H2O)20, namely, the dodecahedron, fused cubes, face-sharing pentagonal prisms, and edge-sharing pentagonal prisms. These were obtained at the second-order Moller-Plesset perturbation level of theory (MP2) with the augmented(More)
The Nurmi concept for diminishing salmonella infection of poultry by application of gastrointestinal microflora from adult birds into newly hatched chicks was tested in a field study in which 8 million broilers were involved. Half of the 284 flocks was treated in the hatchery by spray application of an undefined microflora propagated in SPF chicks. A(More)
The efficacy of spray application of intestinal microflora of the adult bird in protection of broilers against salmonella infections was studied in 3 experiments under laboratory and field conditions. In chicks treated soon after hatching (in the hatchers at approximately 30 per cent hatch or in the chick delivery boxes in the hatchery) with crop-caecum(More)
The highly exoergic nucleophilic substitution reaction F(-) + CH3I shows reaction dynamics strikingly different from that of substitution reactions of larger halogen anions. Over a wide range of collision energies, a large fraction of indirect scattering via a long-lived hydrogen-bonded complex is found both in crossed-beam imaging experiments and in direct(More)
Wavelength-selective infrared multiple photon photo-dissociation (IRMPD) was used to generate spectra of anionic nitrate complexes of UO(2)(2+) and Eu(3+) in the mid-infrared region. Similar spectral patterns were observed for both species, including splitting of the antisymmetric O-N-O stretch into high and low frequency components with the magnitude of(More)
Tris-carboxylate complexes of uranyl [UO(2)](2+) with acetate and benzoate were generated using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, and then isolated in a Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer. Wavelength-selective infrared multiple photon dissociation (IRMPD) of the tris-acetato uranyl anion resulted in a redox elimination of(More)
The gas-phase infrared spectra of discrete uranyl ([UO2]2+) complexes ligated with acetone and/or acetonitrile were used to evaluate systematic trends of ligation on the position of the O=U=O stretch and to enable rigorous comparison with the results of computational studies. Ionic uranyl complexes isolated in a Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance(More)
Electronic structure calculations and direct chemical dynamics simulations are used to study the formation and decomposition of dioxetane on its ground state singlet potential energy surface. The stationary points for (1)O(2) + C(2)H(4), the singlet ·O-O-CH(2)-CH(2)· biradical, the transition state (TS) connecting this biradical with dioxetane, and the two(More)
The Dutch Salmonella enteritidis monitoring and eradication programme for poultry prescribes a periodic examination of all breeding flocks for the presence of S. enteritidis. For the first years of the programme this was done by bacteriological examination of 50 faecal samples per visit per flock. In this study we compare the results of bacteriological(More)
This study describes a field trial in which 80 commercial layer flocks, with an increased risk of Salmonella enteritidis (SE) infection and placed on farms with a certified Standardized Biosecurity Programme (SBP) or a request for a SBP certificate, were vaccinated with a vaccine based on a live attenuated Salmonella gallinarum (SG) 9R strain. An evaluation(More)