Whitney Zeldow

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We produce an explicit parameterization of well-rounded sublattices of the hexagonal lattice in the plane, splitting them into similarity classes. We use this parameterization to study the number, the greatest minimal norm, and the highest signal-to-noise ratio of well-rounded sublattices of the hexagonal lattice of a fixed index. This investigation(More)
Kepler’s Conjecture, recently proved by T. Hales, states that the densest packing of spheres in 3-space has spheres centered along the face-centered cubic (fcc) lattice. A lattice is a free Z-module formed by taking the span of a collection of linearly independent vectors in R over the integers. The two-dimensional analogue of Kepler’s Conjecture, proved by(More)
Although newer contrast mediums have improved hemodynamic stability during left ventriculography, the image quality and hence the diagnostic yield of the procedure is largely determined by the choice of catheter and injection technique. In this study 125 patients were prospectively assigned at random to undergo ventriculography using either of two pigtail(More)
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