Whitney M Long

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We studied the occurrence of the environmental radon daughters, 210Po (alpha particles), and 210Bi (beta particles), in the protein and lipid fractions of cortical gray and subcortical white matter from the frontal and temporal lobes of human brains of persons with Alzheimer disease (AD), persons with Parkinson disease (PD), smokers, or persons with no(More)
This paper presents an investigation of the retention of environmental radon daughters, 210Po (alpha particle emitting radio-nuclide) and 210Bi (beta particle emitting radio-nuclide), in lipid and protein fractions of the cortical grey and subcortical white matter from the frontal and temporal brain lobes of patients who had suffered from Alzheimer's(More)
The study objective was to determine the effects of 70% nitrous oxide (N2O) and fentanyl on the end-tidal concentration of sevoflurane necessary to prevent movement (MACNM) in response to noxious stimulation in dogs. Six healthy, adult, intact male, mixed-breed dogs were used on 3 occasions in a randomized crossover design. After induction of anesthesia(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the successful treatment of loperamide toxicosis in a dog using intravenous lipid emulsion (ILE). CASE SUMMARY An 8-month-old male neutered Rough Collie weighing 20.0 kg was given a total dose of 0.75 mg/kg loperamide over 3 days as treatment for diarrhea. The dog was subsequently evaluated for signs of dull mentation, anxiety,(More)
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