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The Unique and Combined Effects of Homelessness and School Mobility on the Educational Outcomes of Young Children
This study examined the unique and combined associations of homelessness and school mobility with educational well-being indicators, as well as the mediating effect of absenteeism, for an entireExpand
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Academic achievement of African American boys: a city-wide, community-based investigation of risk and resilience.
In light of persistent Black-White achievement gaps for boys, this study examined publicly monitored risks believed to be associated with being behind academically for an entire subpopulation ofExpand
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A Population-Based Inquiry of Homeless Episode Characteristics and Early Educational Well-Being.
Child homelessness and educational well-being is an area of national research that requires more precise investigation to address mixed findings. The aim of this study was to extend the investigationExpand
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Comprehensive Challenges for the Well Being of Young Children: A Population-based Study of Publicly Monitored Risks in a Large Urban Center
This population-based study investigated the unique and cumulative relations between risks that are monitored by public surveillance systems and academic and behavioral outcomes for an entire cohortExpand
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One advantage of using cartilage to replace/repair bone is that the implant disappears as bone is formed by endochondral ossification. Previously, we showed that cartilage spheroids, grown in aExpand
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Problems in Classroom Engagement: Validation of an Assessment for District-Wide Use in the Early Primary Grades
ABSTRACT Research Findings: The aim of this study was to provide an initial investigation into the psychometric properties of the Problems in Classroom Engagement Scale (PCES). The PCES was designedExpand
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Measurement and Population Miss-Fits: A Case Study on the Importance of Using Appropriate Measures to Evaluate Early Childhood Interventions
This study explored the importance of using relevant measures when evaluating the effectiveness of early childhood interventions. Data from the federally-funded evaluation of the Comprehensive ChildExpand
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An Investigation of the Relations Between School Concentrations of Student Risk Factors and Student Educational Well-Being
This study investigated the unique relations between school concentrations of student risk factors and measures of reading, mathematics, and attendance. It used an integrated administrative dataExpand
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