Whitney L J Howell

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The right eyes of anesthetized, 10-week-old albino rats were exposed to constant photon fluxes at 6 wavelengths for 6 hrs. The left eye of each animal was patched during the exposure and was used as control. Histologic examination of retinal sections disclosed a region in the superior retina that was more damaged than were other areas. Attempting to(More)
Distribution of melanosomes across the retinal pigment epithelium of hooded rats (Long-Evans) is studied at the light microscopic and electron microscopic levels. This distribution is shown to be nonuniform: more melanosomes exist in the periphery than elsewhere and, importantly, there are very few melanosomes in a restricted area of the central portion of(More)
Intensive insulin therapy to control perioperative hyperglycemia has become the new standard of care for cardiac surgery patients. Although there are several published protocols for achieving tight glycemic control in the postoperative period, there are no such published protocols or even suggested methods for intraoperative control. At Providence St.(More)
This paper describes the teaching methods used by the teachers and graduate student mentors for students involved in the FIRST Lego League (FLL) Robotics Competition. Participants in the FLL, aged 9 through 14, were exposed to topics in robotics, artificial intelligence, engineering, biology, and ecology, in order to promote hands-on experimentation and(More)