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This report gives a description of the IDL software developed to generate the latest geometric correction models and describes the process of using the specific routines to generate geometric correction models.
The atomic and electronic structure of a tilt grain boundary in rutile TiO 2 has been calculated in an ab initio manner. The method employs a plane-wave basis set and optimised pseudopotentials and is carried out within the local density approximation of density functional theory. The study focuses on the structure and energy of the P = 15 36:9 (210))001](More)
Microfluidic systems are essential to a broad range of technological applications, including biotechnology, [1] microelectronics , [2] sensors, [3] chemical reactors, [4] and autonomic materials. [5] Several approaches have emerged for fabricating two-dimensional (2D) [6] and three-dimensional (3D) [7] micro-fluidic devices, including photolithographic or(More)
oij output of unit i of layer j wijk weight connecting the i-th unit of the j-th layer to the k-th unit of the previous layer sigmoidal activation function w a vector representing the network weights Tp(w);Op(w) target value and network output corresponding to the p-th input pattern Ni number of network units in the i-th layer P number of parameters in the(More)
Traditionally chemical reactions are driven by light, thermal, chemical, or electrical potential. Mechanically induced bond cleavage can also be achieved, but is typically non-selective and/ or destructive. [ 1 ] By synthesizing and linking force-sensitive molecules (mechanophores) into a polymer backbone, mechanical deformation can be used to drive(More)
Brandão, Andreia, Eng, Khen Khong, Rito, Teresa, Cavadas, Bruno, Bulbeck, David, Gandini, Francesca, Pala, Maria, Mormina, Maru, Hudson, Bob, White, Joyce, Ko, Tsang­Ming, Saidin, Mokhtar, Zafarina, Zainuddin, Oppenheimer, Stephen, Richards, Martin B., Pereira, Luísa and Soares, Pedro (2016) Quantifying the legacy of the Chinese Neolithic on the maternal(More)
motion, both the orientation and the axis of motion were different by 908 between the subtracted stimuli. For example, the response to a texture with 458 oriented bars moving horizontally was subtracted from the response to a texture with 1358 oriented bars moving vertically. Results obtained with difference imaging were verified with single-condition(More)
ments in the 50 kHz to 70 MHz region. The design can be extended easily into the VHF and UHF region with methods outlined later. The instrument is configured to be self-calibrating, or capable of calibration with simple home-built test gear. We often read and hear about “simple designs.” Simplicity implies that something is eliminated to make the equipment(More)
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Acknowledgements The authors would particularly like thank the study participants and staff at the MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS, without whom this study would not have been possible. 1 Background Respondent-driven sampling(RDS) is a novel variant of snowball sampling for estimating the characteristics of hard-to-reach groups, such as HIV prevalence(More)