Whay C. Lee

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This paper provides a tutorial for topology arregation in large hierarchical communication networks. Specifically, it examines some issues of topology aggregation for hierarchical PNNI Routing in ATM networks, presents a complex node representation, and provides some guidelines for topology aggregation. There are two main reasons for topology aggregation.(More)
This report considers combining information to improve retrieval. The vector space model has been extended so different classes of data are associated with distinct concept types and their respective subvectors. Two collections with multiple concept types are described, ISI-1460 and CACM-3204. Experiments indicate that regression methods can help predict(More)
In this paper, the problem of traffic load estimation in a shared-medium contention-based network is investigated and applied to a hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) cable network. In particular, an estimator that utilizes channel feedback to estimate network traffic load is presented. The performance of this estimator is investigated and is enhanced by introducing(More)
TCP/IP is one of the most popular protocol suites that are in use today. However, the desire and availability of increased bandwidth and differentiated applications have shown that the operation of current TCP implementations can have limitations. In this work, we address some of these limitations, in particular those derived from the TCP window size, the(More)
Admission control is a critical networking function in home networks developed to address diverse QoS requirements and accommodate user preferences. Home networks have evolved considerably with the advent of wireless networking. This paper describes a method for prioritized admission control in a wireless network with variable channel data rates to optimize(More)
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