Whaldener Endo

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Human presence and activity in tropical forest is thought to exert top-down regulation over the various 'green-world' pathways of plant-based foodwebs. However, these effects have never been explored for the 'brown-world' pathways of fecal-detritus webs. The strong effects of humans on tropical game mammals are likely to indirectly influence fecal(More)
We developed a combination protocol for inhibitors of thymidylate synthase (TS) and DNA topoisomerase I (Topo I) that can exert highly lethal effects in vitro against HCT-8 human colorectal cancer cells. The specific schedule was constructed so that a TS inhibitor could induce not only primary DNA damage but also cellular conditions optimal for the(More)
Various derivatives of L-cysteine obtained by conversion to an -S-S- bond in the mucoprotein by means of -SH in the chemical structure are widely used as expectorants because they show mucous dissolving action. Recently, there have been reports that L-cysteine derivatives lower the potencies of various antibiotics. Various types of antibiotics and(More)
Information sensitivity analysis is proposed for neural signals from spiking motor neurons that operate on the process moving legs of locusts. Our work presents an investigation from mechanical excitation to electrical output signals from spiking motor neurons driven by random Gaussian excitatory movements to a proprioceptor at the knee joint. From(More)
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