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One of the main problems faced by ad hoc networks is providing specific quality of service guarantees for multimedia applications, mainly due to factors such as radio signal fading and node mobility. Since mesh networks are a special type of ad hoc network, they inherit these networks' problems. This paper's main goal is to present OLSR-MD, an extension to(More)
Large enterprises can save significant energy and money by putting idle desktop machines to sleep. Many systems that let desktops sleep and wake them on demand have been proposed, but enterprise IT departments refuse to deploy them because they require special hardware , disruptive virtualization technology, or dedicated per-subnet proxies, none of which(More)
With the emergence of the next generation networking and system technologies such as cloud computing, software defined networking, and the Internet of things, significant changes have been brought to how networks are designed, deployed, and managed. The research work of in these areas has been important and highly active in the past few years. In this(More)
Corman and Escalona's scales for Object Permanence and Spatial Relationships were readministered to 71 severely and profoundly mentally retarded individuals five years after the last previous administration of the scales. Gains in mean scores were small but statistically significant for both scales. In addition, significantly more subjects gained than lost(More)
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