Westbrook McConnell Weaver

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Cell separation and sorting are essential steps in cell biology research and in many diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Recently, there has been interest in methods which avoid the use of biochemical labels; numerous intrinsic biomarkers have been explored to identify cells including size, electrical polarizability, and hydrodynamic properties. This review(More)
Quantitative cell motility studies are necessary for understanding biophysical processes, developing models for cell locomotion and for drug discovery. Such studies are typically performed by controlling environmental conditions around a lens-based microscope, requiring costly instruments while still remaining limited in field-of-view. Here we present a(More)
As the microenvironment of a cell changes, associated mechanical cues may lead to changes in biochemical signaling and inherently mechanical processes such as mitosis. Here we explore the effects of confined mechanical environments on cellular responses during mitosis. Previously, effects of mechanical confinement have been difficult to optically observe in(More)
Heterogeneity within the human population and within diseased tissues necessitates a personalized medicine approach to diagnostics and the treatment of diseases. Functional assays at the single-cell level can contribute to uncovering heterogeneity and ultimately assist in improved treatment decisions based on the presence of outlier cells. We aim to develop(More)
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