West Suhanic

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BACKGROUND Deficits in clinical microbiology infrastructure exacerbate global infectious disease burdens. This paper examines how commodity computation, communication, and measurement products combined with open-source analysis and communication applications can be incorporated into laboratory medicine microbiology protocols. Those commodity components are(More)
BACKGROUND A large fraction of anti-malaria medicines (and indeed many other medicines classes) used in developing countries are inadequately identified. Framing this problem as one of misidentification rather than the more common framing of criminal misrepresentation leads to new solutions sets not currently being considered. METHOD That reframing led to(More)
The Canadian Design Research Network-(CDRN) is setting up a prototype Design Grid. The Design Grid has several goals including:1)enabling national and international design reviews in areas ranging from urban planning, landscape architecture, architect and aerospace engineering. 2)allowing interactive discussions including video/audio streaming and shared(More)
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