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Evaluation campaigns and TRECVid
The TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation (TRECVid)is an international benchmarking activity to encourage research in video information retrieval by providing a large test collection, uniform scoringExpand
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TRECVID 2015 - An Overview of the Goals, Tasks, Data, Evaluation Mechanisms and Metrics
The TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation (TRECVID) 2011 was a TREC-style video analysis and retrieval evaluation, the goal of which remains to promote progress in content-based exploitation of digitalExpand
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The AMI Meeting Corpus: A Pre-announcement
Abstract. The AMI Meeting Corpus is a multi-modal data set consisting of 100 hours of meeting recordings. It is being created in the context of a project that is developing meeting browsingExpand
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The AMI meeting corpus
To support multi-disciplinary research in the AMI (Augmented Multi-party Interaction) project, a 100 hour corpus of meetings is being collected. This corpus is being recorded in several instrumentedExpand
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The Importance of Prior Probabilities for Entry Page Search
An important class of searches on the world-wide-web has the goal to find an entry page (homepage) of an organisation. Entry page search is quite different from Ad Hoc search. Indeed a plain Ad HocExpand
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Retrieving Web Pages Using Content, Links, URLs and Anchors
For this year’s web track, we concentrated on the entry page finding task. For the content-only runs, in both the ad-hoc task and the entry page finding task, we used an information retrieval systemExpand
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High-level feature detection from video in TRECVid: a 5-year retrospective of achievements
Successful and effective content-based access to digital video requires fast, accurate and scalable methods to determine the video content automatically. A variety of contemporary approaches to thisExpand
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Challenges in information retrieval and language modeling: report of a workshop held at the center for intelligent information retrieval, University of Massachusetts Amherst, September 2002
Information retrieval (IR) research has reached a point where it is appropriate to assess progress and to define a research agenda for the next five to ten years. This report summarizes a discussionExpand
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MeSH Up: effective MeSH text classification for improved document retrieval
MOTIVATION Controlled vocabularies such as the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) thesaurus and the Gene Ontology (GO) provide an efficient way of accessing and organizing biomedical information byExpand
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