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— Multiple access schemes in which the transmitting nodes are allowed to cooperate have the potential to provide higher quality of service than conventional schemes. In the class of pairwise cooperative multiple access schemes in which channel state information is available at the transmitters, the allocation of transmission power plays a key role in the(More)
We study the problem of joint power and channel resource allocation for orthogonal multiple access relay (MAR) systems in order to maximize the achievable rate region. Four relaying strategies are considered; namely, regenerative decode-and-forward (RDF), nonregenerative decode-and-forward (NDF), amplify-and-forward (AF), and compress-and-forward (CF). For(More)
—This paper considers a multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communication scenario in which the channel follows a block-fading model with a general spatially correlated complex Gaussian distribution with nonzero mean. We derive an explicit characterization of the (ergodic) rate-optimal input covariance for systems that operate at low(More)