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In sixty normal adult livers the retrohepatic segment of the inferior vena cava was found mostly to assume a curve to the left (75.00%). This segment has a length of 7.1 cm and is totally encircled by liver substance in 6.67% of cases. Altogether 492 ostia venae hepaticae were studied, averaging 8.2 per liver and classified as large, medium and small. The(More)
The immature brain is exceptionally susceptible to seizures. However, it remains unclear whether seizures occurring during development affect critical processes underlying neural circuit formation, leading to long-term functional consequences. Here we characterize a novel in vivo model system of developmental seizures based on the transparent albino Xenopus(More)
Comparative studies were carried out under light, fluorescence- and electron-microscopic observations between young, adult and aged groups of albino rats with the following results: the neuronal packing density of locus ceruleus decreases with advanced age. In addition to the senescent loss of nerve cells, the surviving ones showed some shrinkage of(More)
Under the light microscope, large and small types of spinal ganglion cells can be seen in the mouse. Among those of the small type bipolar cells are observed. By electron microscopy, the cells of the large type have a low electron density and those of the small type a high electron density. Bipolar cells continue to be observed among the latter. The cells(More)
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