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Constructing stated-preference (sp) experiments from a choice that the respondent made in a revealed-preference setting can enhance the realism of the sp task and the efficacy of preference revelation. However, the practice creates dependence between the sp attributes and unobserved factors, contrary to the independence assumption that is maintained for(More)
The following provides greater detail on our data sources and variable construction. Import Data Collected from American Iron and Steel Institute's (AISI's) Annual Statistical Report, various volumes. We collect these data by the product categories reported in this source. However, for consistency over time, we combined a few product categories. In(More)
In the last several decades polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) have replaced the previously banned polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in multiple flame retardant utilities. As epidemiological and laboratory studies have suggested PCBs as a risk factor for Parkinson's disease (PD), the similarities between PBDEs and PCBs suggest that PBDEs have the(More)
As the clearinghouses for a major portion of the world's rapidly increasing international trade flows, ocean ports and the efficiency with which they process cargo have become an ever more important topic. Yet, there exist very little data that allows one to compare port efficiency measures of any kind across ports and, especially, over time. This paper(More)
INTRODUCTION All students (N = 2053) in Anadarko public schools, grades kindergarten through 12, were invited to be screened for height, weight, and blood pressure to assess the health status of this multiracial, multiethnic (American Indian, white, African American, and Hispanic) population in southwestern Oklahoma. METHODS The Centers for Disease(More)
_____________________ Much of this research was conducted under support from the Navigation Economic Technologies (NETS) program of the Institute for Water Resources of the Army Corps of Engineers. We gratefully acknowledge their support and comments. We especially appreciate the comments of Keith Hofseth and Kevin Hendrickson who read early versions of(More)
Studies of trade policy welfare effects often ignore the potential for tariff-jumping foreign direct investment (FDI) to mitigate positive gains to domestic producers. Using event study methodology we find that affirmative U.S. antidumping decisions are associated with average abnormal gains of over 3% to a firm in the petitioning industry in the absence of(More)
The contribution of environmental toxicants to the etiology and risk of Parkinson's disease (PD) has been clearly established, with organochlorine insecticides routinely shown to damage the nigrostriatal dopamine pathway. Although PD is generally considered an adult onset disease, it has been postulated that exposure to environmental contaminants or other(More)
Growing international trade and increasing congestion focus attention on trade facilitation. Ocean ports are a central and necessary component in facilitating trade. Yet, there is only limited comprehensive information available on the efficiency of ports or evidence of the effect of port efficiency on trade. We develop and apply a straightforward approach(More)