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There is a great need for research aimed at understanding drought tolerance, screening for drought tolerant varieties and breeding crops with an improved water use efficiency. Bananas and plantains are a major staple food and export product with a worldwide production of over 135 million tonnes per year. Water however is the most limiting abiotic factor in(More)
Phage-mediated metabolic changes in bacteria are hypothesized to markedly alter global nutrient and biogeochemical cycles. Despite their theoretic importance, experimental data on the net metabolic impact of phage infection on the bacterial metabolism remains scarce. In this study, we tracked the dynamics of intracellular metabolites using untargeted high(More)
UNLABELLED High-throughput molecular analysis is challenging in a non-model species. Proteomics has a great potential to characterize non-model species. We went beyond the level of simply 'identifying' the proteins of interest during osmotic stress experiments in an allopolyploid crop (in casu banana) and focus on an important stress family: the cytoplasmic(More)
Here, we present the data from an in-depth analysis of the HSP70 family in the non-model banana during osmotic stress [1]. First, a manual curation of HSP70 sequences from the banana genome was performed and updated on the Musa hub http://banana-genome.cirad.fr/. These curated protein sequences were then introduced into our in-house Mascot database for an(More)
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