Wesley T. Alford

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Source memory is a representation of the origin (source) of information. When source information is bound together, it makes a memory episodic, allowing us to differentiate one event from another. Here, we asked whether rats remember the source of encoded information. Rats foraged for distinctive flavors of food that replenished (or failed to replenish) at(More)
Source memory represents the origin (source) of information. Recently, we proposed that rats (Rattus norvegicus) remember the source of information. However, an alternative to source memory is the possibility that rats selectively encoded some, but not all, information rather than retrieving an episodic memory. We directly tested this 'encoding failure'(More)
The view that the human mind is a repository of stored items dates at least to Aristotle and Plato and continues to dominate investigations of human memory. This view fits with our intuitions that we study information as the optimal method to store information in memory and that retrieval of information functions only to assess what information was(More)
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