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While many studies have affirmed the contributions of information technology (IT) to business value, people are not convinced. So far IT in the service industry has not yet been seen to be more productive. The data in most previous studies either focus on specific industries or exclude financial industry data. As such, the need to do an analysis on IT(More)
Most companies involved in e-commerce use trust-promoting messages to persuade consumers that the websites they visit are safe. Although these messages are common, many consumers still hesitate to use a credit card online. To understand why, we applied social judgment theory and Cialdini’s model of persuasion in an experiment exploring the extent to which(More)
The purpose of this paper is to extend the theory of task/technology fit by exploring the impact of different technology characteristics on performance of preference and intellective tasks in an inter-group context. The authors tested 80 participants on group performance using a 2x2 factorial design with task type and mode of collaboration as the(More)
How do customers make selections from among millions of smartphone apps? In this study, we analyzed the relationship between icon attributes and choice of game apps. Based on the literature, 5 icon attributes were identified: active, balance, complexity, depth, and organic. 3 game types were selected: arcade, brain, and casual games. Explicit policy(More)
By using Social Network Services (SNSs) as platforms, game developers have gathered a huge user base, and the entertainment these games provide has further enlarged the SNS user base. However, there are signs that this symbiotic growth is slowing down. We developed a model and tested 14 hypotheses. Our main findings are: Although SNSs are “social,” “social(More)
Although mobile computing is getting popular but shopping with mobile devices does not follow the trend. The fundamental reason is the transaction security. Following Model of Argument by Toulmin and Persuasion Principles by Cialdini, we proposed the Trust Transference Facilitator (TTF) to convince users that the mobile shopping is secure. Similar mechanism(More)