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The personal assessments of the current and expected future state of the environment by 3232 community respondents in 18 nations were investigated at the local, national, and global spatial levels. These assessments were compared to a ranking of each country's environmental quality by an expert panel. Temporal pessimism (''things will get worse'') was found(More)
Osteoporosis in adult males is an under-recognized problem. Patients with haemophilia have several predisposing factors for developing decreased bone mineral density (BMD) including prolonged periods of immobility, reduced weight bearing and co-morbidities associated with bone loss. To establish prevalence and risk factors associated with decreased BMD in(More)
The aim of this study was to determine if symptoms of inattention (IN) and hyperactivity-impulsivity (HI) differ for boys with and without haemophilia and to determine if IN and HI are the essential behavioural dimensions on which the two groups differ. Using a quasi-experimental design, parents' and teachers' ratings of IN and HI for boys with and without(More)
INTRODUCTION There is a significant gap in research regarding the readability and comprehension of existing sexual function measures. Patient-reported outcome measures may use terms not well understood by respondents with low literacy. AIM This study aims to test comprehension of words and phrases typically used in sexual function measures to improve(More)
BACKGROUND Tibial tunnel widening is a common phenomenon seen with hamstring anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Concern exists that increased tunnel widening can lead to delayed graft incorporation, graft laxity, or difficulties in revision surgery. HYPOTHESIS Supplemental aperture fixation with autogenous bone cores or bioabsorbable interference(More)