Wesley P Smith

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This study investigated the impact that meditation has on Fordyce's (1977, 1983) Personal Happiness Enhancement Program (PHEP). Experimental subjects were divided into two groups, both of which received instruction on the PHEP. Subjects in one experimental group were taught a meditation exercise in addition to the PHEP. A control group received no(More)
Women are entering the healthcare workforce in greater and greater numbers. As many of these women have children, increased attention is being given to the types of employer-sponsored benefits offered to workers, especially assistance for those with sick children. The authors describe the results of a small survey conducted in Maryland on this subject, the(More)
It is argued that an important aspect of the self-appraisal of ability involves a person's prediction of his or her own performance level on untried tasks through acquisition of knowledge about how other people have fared at the task. These others are treated as substitutes for a person's own participation in the task--as proxies. It is further argued that(More)
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