Wesley Morris

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Three major schistosome species infect hundreds of millions of people worldwide. The majority of these infections are asymptomatic, but significant morbidity and mortality can occur as a consequence of ongoing egg deposition in host tissues. Acutely, transient chest radiographic abnormalities and nonspecific influenza-like symptoms can occur, including(More)
An outbreak of measles among a predominantly unvaccinated and susceptible Amish population in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, offered the opportunity to test the hypothesis that secondary cases in households are more severe than primary cases because the former have more intense exposure and receive a greater virus inoculum. Of 130 measles cases reported(More)
PURPOSE To assess the prevalence and causes of burnout in rural physician assistants. (PA in this article refers to personal accomplishment. To avoid confusion, we will spell out physician assistant throughout the article, instead of using PA to refer to both physician assistant and personal accomplishment.) METHODS Physician assistants who practice in(More)
Because patterns of disease and health care system usage by the homeless constitute a neglected area of research in the medical literature, we undertook a retrospective analysis of inpatient records on medically indigent adults, controlling for housing status, to add to the growing body of research in the area of homeless health care. Data on all 4,243(More)
A hardened version of Texas Instruments'' VC33 Digital Signal Processor was created without any mask changes. The commercial mask set was processed using Silicon Space Technology''s HardSIL™ process variant to produce the hardened version. Radiation testing of the resulting hardened circuit demonstrated significant improvement in performance.