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Bacterial infection remains a serious threat to human lives because of emerging resistance to existing antibiotics. Although the scientific community has avidly pursued the discovery of new antibiotics that interact with new targets, these efforts have met with limited success since the early 1960s. Here we report the discovery of platensimycin, a(More)
The disposition and metabolism of paraherquamide (PHQ), a potent and broad-spectrum anthelminthic, were examined in sheep, dogs, and gerbils. The metabolism of PHQ in these species was extensive and marked by significant species differences both in vitro and in vivo. In sheep and gerbils, PHQ metabolism occurs mainly at the pyrrolidine moiety, generating(More)
Mesocercariae of Alaria marcianae were removed from snake paratenic hosts and fed to domestic cats. The cats were necropsied at specified intervals, the parasites recovered, and studied by SEM. During the prepulmonary phase of migration in cats, mesocercariae recovered from the stomach wall, abdominal cavity, diaphragm, liver, and heart underwent no(More)
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