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Employees in a large work organization participated in an investigation of relationships between drug use and absenteeism and tardiness. Specifically, the study investigated the extent to which both self-reported and urine-screened drug use accounted for variance in several types of absenteeism, as well as tardiness, above and beyond that accounted for by(More)
Women in developing nations run 100 to 200 times the risk of dying in pregnancy and childbirth compared to women in affluent countries. The vast majority of these deaths are preventable. We examine 3 models of health development for their potential impact on maternal mortality. Although universal primary maternal health care would be ideal, resource(More)
China, by introducing a nationwide program for severely limiting births, has managed a decline in its rate of growth from the nearly 3% of 25 years ago to the 1.7% of today. Chinese officials believe that this present rate of growth may be reduced even further as younger generations are encouraged to marry late and to limit their family size to 2 children.(More)
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