Wesley E. Watson

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1. The nucleolar and cell body dry mass and nucleic acid content of hypoglossal neurones were measured in adult rats using interference microscopy and ultra-violet absorption microspectrography.2. The left hypoglossal nerve was transplanted into the ipsilateral sternomastoid. Seventy days later the sternomastoid was denervated by dividing the ipsilateral(More)
1. The dry mass and nucleic acid content of freshly isolated neuroglial cells and of their nucleoli were measured by interference microscopy and ultraviolet absorption microspectrography. The incorporation of tritiated nucleosides and of an amino acid was followed autoradiographically.2. After hypoglossal axotomy in the adult rat hypertrophy of astrocytes(More)
Growth and differentiation of cord blood B cells were studied using T cell-depleted populations. In the absence of in vitro activation, cord blood B cells proliferated in response to cytokines including interleukin-2 (IL-2) and interleukin-4 (IL-4); anti-mu-stimulated cord B cells had a lesser response to IL-2 than adult cells. IgM synthesis by cord blood B(More)
Cerebrocortical [3H]L-glutamate uptake was examined using brain slices and synaptosomes obtained from rats with portal vein and bile duct ligation. In addition, the effect of in vitro addition of 5 mM ammonia on glutamate uptake parameters was determined. There was no significant difference in brain slice or synaptosomal glutamate uptake in rats with portal(More)
Superior frontal cortex (SFC) and primary motor cortex tissue was obtained at autopsy from thirteen severe chronic alcoholics with neuropathologically confirmed Wernicke Encephalopathy (WE) and 22 controls. Cases with both WE and cirrhosis showed markedly fewer neurones in SFC than did WE cases without cirrhosis. The extent of the apparent neuronal loss(More)
Representative A1 site- and A2 site-selective ligands for adenosine receptors were found to bind to a single class of non-co-operative sites in synaptic membranes prepared from pieces of normal human temporal lobe cerebral cortex obtained at autopsies performed within 24 h post-mortem. The known adenosine antagonists theophylline and(More)