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We examined the influence of solar ultraviolet-B radiation (UV-B; 280-320 nm) on the growth, biomass production and phenylpropanoid concentrations of Deschampsia antarctica during the springtime ozone depletion season at Palmer Station, along the Antarctic Peninsula. Treatments involved placing filters on frames over potted plants that reduced levels of(More)
Osteocyte apoptosis caused by load-induced microdamage is followed by osteoclastic bone remodeling, and a causal link between apoptosis and repair has been suggested. The objectives of the present study were to use a chick model to examine the incidence of osteocyte apoptosis and the presence of osteoclasts during the first 96 hours following an osteotomy,(More)
Television and telephone communications were randomly used to compare their effectiveness in allowing consultation between a hospital-based physician and remote nurse practitioners. Visits using television for consultation averaged 50 minutes as compared with 40 minutes for telephone. This difference was caused by longer work-ups before the consultation,(More)
BACKGROUND Flavonoid-rich extracts from the mature roots of Scutellaria baicalensis have been shown to exhibit antiproliferative effects on various cancer cell lines. We assessed the ability of an ethanolic extract of S. baicalensis root to inhibit the proliferation of malignant glioma cells. METHODS Cell lines derived from primary and recurrent brain(More)
Bone fractures in laying hens are both a welfare and an economic concern for the poultry industry. The aim of this study was to use radiographs to quantify fracture incidence in 6 lines of noncommercial high-producing laying hens. A total of 451 hens (n = 71 to 78) were killed at 47 wk (White Leghorn-Black, White Leghorn-Blue) or 65 wk of age [Barred(More)
1. Line differences in the incidence of the presence of radiodense material in the central cavities of humeri of 6 different lines of laying hens were observed using radiographs. 2. Internal humeral radiodense material was observed in over 60% of hens in two lines and 18% of hens in two other lines measured at 65 weeks of age. There was no difference in the(More)
Thirty Holstein cows were fed diets of 50% grain and 50% corn silage (dry matter basis) through the first 18 wk of lactation. Grain mixes were supplemented with inorganic calcium sources (aragonite, calcite flour, or albacar) to provide .6 or .9% dietary calcium (dry matter basis). Phytate phosphorus intake averaged 38.3 and 42.6 g/d in digestion trials(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the thickness, area, and volume of sutured and nonsutured multilayered cartilage grafts in a rabbit population. DESIGN Autogenous rabbit cartilage grafts were harvested, layered, and placed in the contralateral auricle. Half the grafts were sutured; the other half were nonsutured. Graft thickness, area, and volume were measured before(More)