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We examine online affiliate marketing programs in which merchants oversee thousands of affiliates they have never met. Some merchants hire outside specialists to set and enforce policies for affiliates, while other merchants ask their ordinary marketing staff to perform these functions. For clear violations of applicable rules, we find that outside(More)
Chor et al [3] show that when accessing a single public database, a user is only guaranteed safety from an administrator inferring the user's real intentions (an inference attack) when the user downloads the entire database. Although this approach is somewhat impractical, it is the only way in which to guarantee complete safety from prying eyes. Inference(More)
Ad Servers monetize by sending ads to a requesting publisher which renders them on their web page. The Publisher receives a commission if the ad is clicked. Unfortunately, fraudulent publishers may try to request ads and click on them through a variety of fraudulent schemes including robotic traffic, deceptive placement, and distribution across other sites.(More)
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