Wesley Bourne

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In this paper we propose a new framework for deformation modelling based on a combined mass spring and tensional integrity method. The synergy between balanced tension and compression components offered by the tensegrity model helps the deforming organ retain its shape more consistently. We chose the diaphragm as our test object given its heterogeneous(More)
A study was undertaken to assess the utility of the buccal scrape technique for measuring tissue levels of carotenoids in short-term intervention trials and epidemiologic studies. In 14 healthy volunteers a good correlation was found between serum beta-carotene levels and recent dietary intake of beta-carotene as estimated from measured food records.(More)
Modelling of diaphragm behaviour is of relevance to a number of clinical procedures such as lung cancer radiotherapy and liver access interventions. The heterogeneity in tissue composition of the diaphragm, as well as the various physiological phenomena influencing its behaviour, requires a complex model in order to accurately capture its motion. In this(More)