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“From factory to field”: USAID and the logistics of foreign aid in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan
Emerging critical scholarship on logistics has shown how the field is implicated in a broader necropolitics of violence, disposability, and exploitation. While much has been made of logistics’Expand
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‘The planet that rules our destiny’: Alternative development and environmental power in occupied Afghanistan
In this article, I explore the role that the United States Agency for International Development and its implementing partners played in the ‘alternative development’ effort to provide Afghan farmersExpand
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Ghosts in the Delta: USAID and the historical geographies of Vietnam's ‘other’ war
This paper will provide historical and geographical nuance to Eyal Weizman's concept of the ‘humanitarian present’ through an interrogation of the United States Agency for International Development'sExpand
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Just-in-Time Imperialism: The Logistics Revolution and the Vietnam War
In this article, I argue that an important yet understudied consequence of the Vietnam War was an imperial turn toward modern logistics management. Drawing on archival documents collected from the ...
“Every Iraqi's Nightmare”: Blogging Peace in Occupied Baghdad
Abstract:  The importance of war blogs is increasingly acknowledged, but their political dimensions remain largely unexplored. This paper provides a series of critical readings of Riverbend's BaghdadExpand
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Wandering the streets of "Baghdad" : space, representation, and the colonial present
In this thesis, I will explore the triangular relationship between space, representational practices, and the colonial present. I will grapple with a few key research questions: how do we, asExpand