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In therian mammals (placentals and marsupials), sex is determined by an XX female: XY male system, in which a gene (SRY) on the Y affects male determination. There is no equivalent in other amniotes, although some taxa (notably birds and snakes) have differentiated sex chromosomes. Birds have a ZW female: ZZ male system with no homology with mammal sex(More)
As part of the effort to sequence the genome of Rattus norvegicus, we constructed a physical map comprised of fingerprinted bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones from the CHORI-230 BAC library. These BAC clones provide approximately 13-fold redundant coverage of the genome and have been assembled into 376 fingerprint contigs. A yeast artificial(More)
(Responsible for setting up CAP & AABB laboratory accreditation, training technical staff in molecular diagnosis of Fragile X syndrome and Paternity/Identity analysis utilizing DNA markers.) Funds for this conference were sought and received from the NIH-National Cancer Institute and the Roy and Joan Mitte Foundation. The meeting consisted of >50 invited(More)
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