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For many years, the Tomasulo method of dynamically scheduling instructions for execution in a load/store processor has been known and used. This paper presents an adaptation of the Tomasulo method to a stack-based processor architecture, and illustrates its use in a software simulator of a subset of the Java Virtual Machine. Experimental results show that(More)
Systems-level approaches are increasingly common in both murine and human translational studies. These approaches employ multiple high information content assays. As a result, there is a need for tools to integrate heterogeneous types of laboratory and clinical/demographic data, and to allow the exploration of that data by aggregating and/or segregating(More)
The complex data sets generated by higher-order polychromatic flow cytometry experiments are a challenge to analyze. Here we describe Exhaustive Expansion, a data analysis approach for deriving hundreds to thousands of cell phenotypes from raw data, and for interrogating these phenotypes to identify populations of biological interest given the experimental(More)
The next edition of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), formerly known as Java 1.5 but now known as J2SE 5, includes lots and lots of changes: “15 component JSRs with nearly 100 other significant updates,” according to [1] (and see [2] for a link to this and other interesting pages). Just one of those changes is the introduction of generic types.(More)
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