Wes Munsil

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For many years, the Tomasulo method of dynamically scheduling instructions for execution in a load/store processor has been known and used. This paper presents an adaptation of the Tomasulo method to a stack-based processor architecture, and illustrates its use in a software simulator of a subset of the Java Virtual Machine. Experimental results show that(More)
Systems-level approaches are increasingly common in both murine and human translational studies. These approaches employ multiple high information content assays. As a result, there is a need for tools to integrate heterogeneous types of laboratory and clinical/demographic data, and to allow the exploration of that data by aggregating and/or segregating(More)
BACKGROUND The complex data sets generated by higher-order polychromatic flow cytometry experiments are a challenge to analyze. Here we describe Exhaustive Expansion, a data analysis approach for deriving hundreds to thousands of cell phenotypes from raw data, and for interrogating these phenotypes to identify populations of biological interest given the(More)
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