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The lossless compression of electroencephalographic (EEG) data is of great interest to the biomedical research community. In this paper, a two-stage technique of lossless compression involving decorrelating the sample points of the EEG signal and then entropy coding the resulting signal is examined. Two alternatives are presented for performing the rst(More)
This paper presents a comparison of adaptive linear pre-dictors as applied to the area of lossless compression of seismic waveform data. Three methods are explored: the normalize least-mean square (NLMS) algorithm, the gradient adaptive lattice (GAL) algorithm, and the recursive least squares lattice (RLSL) algorithm. When compared to standard linear(More)
Monte Carlo ion-implant models for germanium and indium implantation into single-crystal silicon have been developed and are described in this paper. The models have been incorporated in the UT-MARLOWE ion implantation simulator, and have been developed primarily for use on engineering workstations. These models provide the required as-implanted impurity(More)
Controlled experimentation using dogs has demonstrated that free nerve-end insertion into a denervated muscle that has lost its motor nerve at the point of entry into that muscle can sprout axons at its implanted end to unite with neuromuscular endplates, either preexisting or new, and result in a functioning muscle. Clinical applications can be found in(More)
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