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Prehension may be deened as \The act of taking hold, seizing or grasping, as with the hand" (Webster's 3rd International Dictionary). Nonprehensile manipulation, then, can be de-ned as the manipulation of objects without grasping them. Manipulation without prehension is a natural way of handling objects for both humans and machines. The ability to(More)
This study investigated how reasoning about conventional time information varied as a function of conventional time systems by using the Chinese month and Jieqi systems. Twenty Chinese students were asked to answer month-related questions and another 20 were asked to answer Jieqi-related questions. Reaction time and accuracy were the dependent measures. A(More)
The goal of autonomous mobile manipulation is the execution of complex manipulation tasks in both structured and unstructured environments, possibly in cooperation or close interaction with human beings. This entails challenges in different fields: perception, navigation, task and path planning, control, error recovery, and human-robot interaction. Each(More)
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