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In a previous paper (Yin et al., Electrophoresis 1996, 17, 1143-1150), an automated method for matrix determination in four-dye fluorescence-based DNA sequencing was presented. As a continuation of that work, we have developed an alternative method to estimate the matrix from raw sequence data. The method uses an iterative clustering technique to associate(More)
The goal of autonomous mobile manipulation is the execution of complex manipulation tasks in both structured and unstructured environments, possibly in cooperation or close interaction with human beings. This entails challenges in different fields: perception, navigation, task and path planning, control, error recovery, and human-robot interaction. Each(More)
I investigate geometric and mechanical sensing strategies for objects of known shapes. Examples include industrial parts and everyday desktop items. Based on nonlinear control theory, I show that local observability from contact holds in typical manipulation tasks, and I present an approach for estimating the pose and motion of a manipulated object from a(More)
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