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Abstract. Modeling several competitive leaders and followers acting in an electricity market leads to coupled systems of mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints, called equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints (EPECs). We consider a simplified model for competition in electricity markets under uncertainty of demand in an electricity(More)
It is known that epipolar constraint can be augmented with orientation by formulating it in oriented projective geometry. This oriented epipolar constraint requires knowing the orientation of epipoles and fundamental matrix. The current knowledge is that these orientations cannot be obtained from the fundamental matrix only and that additional information(More)
  • Cip-Gegevens Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Haag Gebbinck, +23 authors Maurice Klein Gebbinck
  • 1998
Decomposition of mixed pixels in remote sensing images to improve the area estimation of agricultural fields / Maurice Stefan klein Gebbinck. An artist's impression of digital image enhancement techniques, in which a clear picture emerges from a chaotic array of pixels, almost as a scared bird that flees from its hidden nest in the undergrowth to the safety(More)
The carbonbalance of the landbiosphere is the result of complex interactions between land, atmosphere andoceans, including climatic change, carbondioxide fertilization and land-use change.While the land biosphere currently absorbs carbondioxide from the atmosphere, this carbonbalancemight be reversed under climate and land-use change (‘carbonbalance(More)
Everybody writes about Abraham Gottlob Werner (1749-1817) but hardlv anyone rea.ds him. Werner, after whom Cuvier wrote and whole societies named themselves, has passed into modem textbooks (thanks to Lyell) as a stra,w man whose fallacious views were finally and irrevocably refuted by Ilutton and Playfair. Wer:rer was not particularly original in(More)
  • Werner
  • Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt
  • 2005
~e~figH~ bet $~laifi~tatiort lit fiir n~rmale, fe~Ietfteie ~t~mrne bet mitflere ~nr~meffet ma~ge~ertb, tmb ge~i~tert 9/l~[6)nitte ~ n 66 cm u~b barllber bet I. ~[af~e an, ~oon 61--65 bet IL, 55--60 bet III., 48--54: bet 1V., 99--47 bet u 33--38 bet VI., 26--32 bet VII., i3--25 bet VIII. ~la[fe; feMe~a[te | wetben am eine obet 8roei Rla[fen tiiff~etle~t,(More)
  • ON Si, Fe Ni, +41 authors Benedict G F
  • 2007
We present a model atmosphere analysis of most known hot helium–rich white dwarfs of spectral type DO. The stars represent the non–DA white dwarf cooling sequence from the hot end (Teff 120 000 K) down to the DB gap (Teff 45 000 K). From medium resolution optical spectra, effective temperatures, surface gravities, and element abundances are determined by(More)
INTRODUCTION Chlamydia pmtlwloniae infection of vascular endothelium has been associared with the atherosclerotic process [I]. Two pilot randomized studies of antibiotic administration in patients with atherosclerosis have been published recently and longer term followup in larger numbers of patients are planned [2 ,3] . One of us (DLH) became concerned(More)