Werner Wetzlinger

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Environmentally friendly and sustainable initiatives have emerged as important topics in IS research over the last few years. However the existing discussions and scientific contributions in this field are mainly based on case studies and empirical surveys. Less research is firmly based on existing IS theories. Furthermore, little research has been(More)
In industrial automation, there is a growing use of touch panels for controlling and programming machines. Compared to traditional panels with physical buttons, they provide higher flexibility and operating efficiency. A big challenge in the user interface design is their usability, which is directly related to the operator's safety and performance. In this(More)
The use of information and communication technologies to improve environmental sustainability has become a new focus of the IS research in the last years. Different Green IS solutions in various areas already exist, that contribute to the environmental, economic or social performance of organizations. Although these solutions are more and more used within(More)
Due to the massive increase in the number of mobile devices, high usage rates and the rising number of available applications, usability is a crucial factor for the success of mobile interactive systems. Since qualitative usability tests are quite expensive and time consuming we are developing a toolkit for remote usability testing that helps to detect(More)
With the increased focus on optimizing procurement processes, different procurement concepts have been developed. However, for these concepts no widely accepted best practice solutions exist. Furthermore, customers often impose specific conditions on suppliers. Thus implementations of these concepts are always different. Consequently suppliers cannot(More)
As digital content in the form of learning objects allows the assembling of learning material on the fly, developers and users strive to aggregate learning objects from different origins to coherent learning units in a consistent way, including graphical and navigational design. Such content elements that rely in distributed repositories require metadata(More)
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