Werner Wegscheider

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Resonant laser scattering along with photon correlation measurements established the atom-like character of quantum dots. Here, we show that for a wide range of experimental parameters it is impossible to isolate elementary quantum-dot excitations from a strong influence of nuclear spins; the absorption lineshapes at magnetic fields exceeding 1 T indicate(More)
Quantum mechanical experiments in ring geometries have long fascinated physicists. Open rings connected to leads, for example, allow the observation of the Aharonov-Bohm effect, one of the best examples of quantum mechanical phase coherence. The phase coherence of electrons travelling through a quantum dot embedded in one arm of an open ring has also been(More)
Controlling coherent interaction at avoided crossings and the dynamics there is at the heart of quantum information processing. A particularly intriguing dynamics is observed in the Landau-Zener regime, where periodic passages through the avoided crossing result in an interference pattern carrying information about qubit properties. In this Letter, we(More)
A comparative study of the radiation-induced magnetoresistance oscillations in the high mobility GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure two dimensional electron system (2DES) under linearly- and circularly- polarized microwave excitation indicates a profound difference in the response observed upon rotating the microwave launcher for the two cases, although circularly(More)
The temperature dependence of magnetic anisotropy in ͑113͒A ͑Ga,Mn͒As layers grown by molecular-beam epitaxy is studied by means of superconducting quantum interference device magnetometry as well as by ferromagnetic resonance ͑FMR͒ and magnetooptical effects. Experimental results are described considering cubic and two kinds of uniaxial magnetic(More)
Momentum-resolved magnetotunneling spectroscopy is performed at a single sharp quantum Hall (QH) edge to probe the structure of integer QH edge modes. An epitaxially overgrown cleaved edge is shown to realize the sharp-edge limit with interchannel distances smaller than both the magnetic length and the Bohr radius where the Chklovskii soft-edge picture is(More)
Spin-sensitive bleaching of the absorption of far-infrared radiation has been observed in p-type GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well structures. The absorption of circularly polarized radiation saturates at lower intensities than that of linearly polarized light due to monopolar spin orientation in the first heavy-hole subband. Spin relaxation times of holes in p-type(More)
  • Martin Mittendorff, Josef Kamann, Jonathan Eroms, Dieter Weiss, Christoph Drexler, Sergey D Ganichev +196 others
  • 2015
Graphene has unique optical and electronic properties that make it attractive as an active material for broadband ultrafast detection. We present here a graphene-based detector that shows 40-picosecond electrical rise time over a spectral range that spans nearly three orders of magnitude, from the visible to the far-infrared. The detector employs a large(More)
Light-matter interaction has played a central role in understanding as well as engineering new states of matter. Reversible coupling of excitons and photons enabled groundbreaking results in condensation and superfluidity of nonequilibrium quasiparticles with a photonic component. We investigated such cavity-polaritons in the presence of a high-mobility(More)
In this work we report on experiments performed on smooth edge-narrow Hall bars. The magneto-transport properties of intermediate mobility two-dimensional electron systems are investigated and analyzed within the screening theory of the integer quantized Hall effect. We observe a non-monotonic increase of Hall resistance at the low magnetic field ends of(More)