Werner Wegscheider

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Quantum point contacts are narrow, one-dimensional constrictions usually patterned in a two-dimensional electron system, for example by applying voltages to local gates. The linear conductance of a point contact, when measured as function of its channel width, is quantized in units of GQ = 2e(2)/h, where e is the electron charge and h is Planck's constant.(More)
We observed mixing between two-electron singlet and triplet states in a double quantum dot, caused by interactions with nuclear spins in the host semiconductor. This mixing was suppressed when we applied a small magnetic field or increased the interdot tunnel coupling and thereby the singlet-triplet splitting. Electron transport involving transitions(More)
Artificial cavity photon resonators with ultrastrong light-matter interactions are attracting interest both in semiconductor and superconducting systems because of the possibility of manipulating the cavity quantum electrodynamic ground state with controllable physical properties. We report here experiments showing ultrastrong light-matter coupling in a(More)
There is much recent interest in exploiting the spin of conduction electrons in semiconductor heterostructures together with their charge to realize new device concepts. Electrical currents are usually generated by electric or magnetic fields, or by gradients of, for example, carrier concentration or temperature. The electron spin in a spin-polarized(More)
Measurement of coupled quantum systems plays a central role in quantum information processing. We have realized independent single-shot read-out of two electron spins in a double quantum dot. The read-out method is all-electrical, cross-talk between the two measurements is negligible, and read-out fidelities are ~86% on average. This allows us to directly(More)
Quantum mechanical experiments in ring geometries have long fascinated physicists. Open rings connected to leads, for example, allow the observation of the Aharonov-Bohm effect, one of the best examples of quantum mechanical phase coherence. The phase coherence of electrons travelling through a quantum dot embedded in one arm of an open ring has also been(More)
Momentum-resolved magnetotunneling spectroscopy is performed at a single sharp quantum Hall (QH) edge to probe the structure of integer QH edge modes. An epitaxially overgrown cleaved edge is shown to realize the sharp-edge limit with interchannel distances smaller than both the magnetic length and the Bohr radius where the Chklovskii soft-edge picture is(More)
The on-demand generation of pure quantum excitations is important for the operation of quantum systems, but it is particularly difficult for a system of fermions. This is because any perturbation affects all states below the Fermi energy, resulting in a complex superposition of particle and hole excitations. However, it was predicted nearly 20 years ago(More)
Controlling coherent interaction at avoided crossings and the dynamics there is at the heart of quantum information processing. A particularly intriguing dynamics is observed in the Landau-Zener regime, where periodic passages through the avoided crossing result in an interference pattern carrying information about qubit properties. In this Letter, we(More)