Werner Von Seelen

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We measured reflectance changes by means of optical imaging of intrinsic signals to study the topography of the paw representations in rat somatosensory cortex. Following circumscribed tactile stimulation of single digits or pads, we found large and partially overlapping areas of reflectance changes (delta R). The diameters of their focal zones defined at(More)
If one eye sees a bright field on a dark surround while a homogeneous background is presented to the other eye, then a distinct dark zone appears at the outer borders of the field. If the surround is coloured, then the zone is of corresponding hue. The effect disappears if the edge of the field can be fused with a bar of appropriate contrast. The influence(More)
We measured reflectance changes by means of optical imaging of intrinsic signals to study the effects of acute electrical cochlear stimulation on the topography of the cat auditory cortex. After single-pulse electrical stimulation at selected sites of a multichannel implant device, we found topographically restricted response areas representing mainly the(More)
The contribution of the lateral suprasylvian cortex to pattern recognition was studied by behavioural detection experiments in combination with bilateral lesions of different parts of the lateral suprasylvian areas (LSA) and area 7 in seven cats. In a two-alternatives forced choice task the cats had to discriminate simple outline patterns which were(More)
The coupling complexity of cortical areas makes it very difficult to analyse them experimentally. Studies of model systems provide the possibility of adapting the analysis to the available data base and elaborating the fundamental properties that depend on the structure of the system. We propose a model system of variable complexity that is spatially(More)
A new balloon catheter was developed for continuous perfusion of coronary arteries during angioplasty (CPC catheter). Steerable Grüntzig balloon catheters (3.7 mm) with two lumina were formed. The first lumen was used for balloon inflation. Side holes to the second lumen proximally and distally to the balloon were created for coronary perfusion even during(More)
We report on the work done at the Institut f ur Neuroinfor-matik in Bochum concerning the development of a neural architecture for the information processing of autonomous visually guided systems acting in a natural environment. Since biological systems like our brain are superior to artiicial systems in solving such a task, we use ndings from(More)
Behavioural research, neurophysiological experiments and computer simulations are used in an attempt to analyze pattern recognition in the cat's visual system. The methods were chosen in such a way that the measurable performance data resulting from behavioural and neurophysiological experiments can be combined simply. It is shown that, with minor(More)
Superimposing additively a two-dimensional noise process to deterministic input signals (bars) the neurons of area 17 show a class-specific reaction for the task of signal extraction. Moving both parts of the signals simultaneously and varying the signal to noise ratio (S/N) the simple cells achieve the same performance as resulted from the psychophysical(More)