Werner Soontiens

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Over the past few decades the tertiary sector has developed from a predominantly inward focussed industry serving public interest to an internationalised and commercially competitive industry. Resulting from this fundamental change is a drive to better understand the most prominent dimensions that impact on internationalisation, more particularly, the(More)
Recent world trade statistics emphasise rapid globalisation of commercial services (CS) and underpin the criticality of a country’s positioning strategy in the growing world CS market. Drawing on trade statistics of 77 countries, this paper assesses configurations and composes a matrix of CS internationalisation as a framework to classify and map countries(More)
Foreign direct investment is often considered as simultaneously being one of the consequences and drivers of globalisation. In the process of opening up economies to participate in some of the positive impacts of globalisation, countries position themselves in respect of attracting foreign direct investment. In addition, the ability to attract foreign(More)
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