Werner Riegel

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The European APD Outcome Study (EAPOS) is a 2-yr, prospective, multicenter study of the feasibility and clinical outcomes of automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) in anuric patients. A total of 177 patients were enrolled with a median age of 54 yr (range, 21 to 91 yr). Previous median total time on dialysis was 38 mo (range, 1.6 to 259 mo), and 36% of(More)
High lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)) serum concentrations and the underlying apolipoprotein(a) (apo(a)) phenotypes are risk factors for cardiovascular disease in the general population as well as in patients with renal disease. Lp(a) concentrations are markedly elevated in patients with end-stage renal disease. However, nothing is known about the changes of Lp(a)(More)
Analysis of 170 pollen assemblages from surface samples in eight vegetation types in the Florida Everglades indicates that these wetland sub-environments are distinguishable from the pollen record and that they are useful proxies for hydrologic and edaphic parameters. Vegetation types sampled include sawgrass marshes, cattail marshes, sloughs with floating(More)
Plasma levels of granulocyte lactoferrin, myeloperoxidase, and elastase in alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor complex were compared with C3a and C5a levels in 10 patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass. At the end of the operation, plasma levels of lactoferrin increased from 97.0 +/- 22.8 to 1257 +/- 139.8 ng/ml, myeloperoxidase increased from 37.1 +/- 4.3 to(More)
Recent studies of Baran and Milne [2] indicate that calcium ion inhibits 25-OH-D synthesis in rat liver homogenates in a dose-dependent fashion. Furthermore, the calcium ionophore A23187, which also increases cytosolic calcium, inhibits hepatocyte 25-OH-D production [2]. It has been shown that 1,25-(OH)2-D inhibits 25-OH-D production [1]. This vitamin D(More)
Objective: To evaluate the effects of prophylactic veno-venous hemofiltration (CVVH) in the absence of renal failure on multiple organ dysfunction syndrome after severe multiple trauma. Design: Prospective, randomized study. Setting: Intensive care unit (ICU) in a university hospital. Patients: Twenty-four patients with severe multiple trauma (injury(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Early specialist care of patients with renal disease, including timely and planned onset of dialysis, determine the course of the disease, quality of life, hospitalization and life expectancy. A multi-centre enquiry by standardized questionnaire was undertaken to define and analyse medical care of newly dialysis-requiring patients.(More)
Plasma C3a and C5a levels as well as plasma levels of granulocyte lactoferrin, granulocyte myeloperoxidase and granulocyte elastase in complex with alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor (E-alpha 1PI) were investigated in 10 patients (52.7 +/- 5.9 years) undergoing maintenance hemodialysis (39.4 +/- 12.4 months) with hollow fiber dialyzers made from(More)
It is generally assumed that hemodialysis adequacy is only minimally affected by increasing the dialysate flow rate (Qd). Recent in vitro studies showed that dialyzer urea clearance (Kd(urea)) may increase substantially more than expected in response to an increase in Qd. Because these studies implied that dialysis efficacy may benefit from greater Qds, we(More)
Hepatocytes were isolated from rats following bilateral nephrectomy, ureter ligation or sham operation under sodium pentobarbital (Nembutal) anesthesia to investigate the potential role of energy charge and redox state for the gluconeogenetic ability of liver cells. Ketogenesis from l-serine, sodium pyruvate or dihydroxyacetone was significantly higher in(More)