Werner Platzer

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The corpse of a Late Neolithic individual found in a glacier in Oetztal is unusual because of the intact nature of all body parts that resulted from the characteristics of its mummification process and its protected geographical position with regard to glacier flow. Anthropological data indicate that the man was 25 to 40 years old, was between 156 and 160(More)
Eduard Pernkopf was responsible for one of the best anatomy atlases of all time. He was also an active National Socialist during the Third Reich. Some have questioned whether his political affiliation influenced the procurement of anatomic specimens for his Atlas. Profs. Walter Kraus, Alfred Gisel, and Werner Platzer, who worked directly or indirectly with(More)
The wedge-shaped superior surface of the trochlea tali may be seen in a proximal view as a trapezium. The angle of this trapezium was calculated by measuring the length, and the smallest and largest widths of the trochlea, and was found to be 16.04 degrees for the left talus and 12.48 degrees for the right talus, respectively. The difference between these(More)
Preschool teachers from four different day care centers assessed four-and five-year-old children for deficits in gross-motor skill and self-concept. Forty subjects were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. The experimental group participated in a 30 minute per day, 5 day per week perceptual-motor training program for 10 weeks, while the(More)
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