Werner Pitsch

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OBJECTIVE About 5 % of the pupils suffer from an injury in school sports every year. In addition to the kind of injury, the localization and the type of sport, the corresponding reasons for the injuries should be investigated to provide insights for physical education. METHODS In a prospective study 213 accident cases with 234 injuries during physical(More)
About 5% of all school children are seriously injured during physical education every year. Because of its influence on children's attitude toward sports and the economic aspects, an evaluation of causes and medical consequences is necessary. In this study, 213 school sports accidents were investigated. Besides diagnosis, the localization of injuries, as(More)
108 world class athletes (54 males, 54 females) practicing modern pentathlon had been interviewed about their individual training and competition efforts as well as their sports related injuries, damages and diseases in the last world cup season using a standardized empirical questionnaire. The mean training extent was about 25 hours per week, the mean(More)
Since 1970 there has been a slight reduction, since 1977 a marked one, in the number of admissions for peptic ulcer at the two medical and the surgical clinics of the University of Mainz. This trend was interrupted by a peak from 1975-77, due to an increase of overall admissions at that time, after vagotomy procedures had been started at the surgical(More)
Die Zulässigkeit, das vom Herzen erzeugte Potentialfeld als kugelförmigzu betrachten, wird an herzfernen Extremitäten-, herzfernen Rumpf- und herznahen Thoraxableitungen geprüft. Methodisch wird dabei nach den Regeln der Vektorrechnung vorgegangen, wobei versucht wird, die exzentrische Herzlage sowie die Ungleichheit der Elektrodenabstände vom(More)
In recent past, the connection between aspects of top level athletes’ careers and success in top-level sport range was focussed by a sociological based theory of training in sports. Several studies showed, that simply structured connections between training in top level sports and success are far from being able to explain the emergence of success in sport(More)
In cooperation with the Sports Association of the Palatinate (SBP), a survey was conducted on substance use by recreational and amateur athletes. Distribution of the online questionnaire took place by means of chain-referral sampling, and questions on substance use were presented using the randomized response technique (RRT) to protect the anonymity of(More)
Low-molecular-weight (LMW) heparin for the prophylaxis of thromboembolism seems to lower the rate of thrombosis. We conducted long-term thromboembolism prophylaxis with 7500 antiXa-untis/day in three patients for periods from 42 to 180 days. We observed no thrombosis, one transitory body temperature elevation to 38.0 °C and one elevation of serum alanine(More)
PURPOSE Assessment of muscle recovery is essential for the daily fine-tuning of training load in competitive sports, but individual differences may limit the diagnostic accuracy of group-based reference ranges. We report an attempt to develop individualized reference ranges using a Bayesian approach comparable to that developed for the athlete biological(More)
INTRODUCTION Inline skating is becoming more and more popular all over the world. This results in a rapid increase in sports injuries. The aim of our study was to analyse injury patterns and injury causes as well as the influence of the social status on possessing and using protective equipment. PATIENTS AND METHODS We recorded and evaluated 76 accidents(More)